Spring favorites

This spring we’re waking up our senses with roses, cacao, mushrooms (jazz that is), and gigantic waves. Happy savoring!

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Feed the senses & the bees

Heirloom roses abound. Lyda Rosa and Moonlight in Paris have caught our eye as the spring garden begins to pop. Imagine waking up to these beauties in the garden!

Surf's Up!

HBO's 100 Foot Wave series has us in awe of mother nature's largest swells in Nazare, Portugal and the passionate big wave surfers who ride them. This is edge of your seat, couch surfing to the max!

cacao of your dreams

This is slam dunk cacao for smoothies, baking and hot chocolate. Diaspora Co. has the highest of standards and pays farmers an average of 6x the amount for fair trade spices grown by farmers all over India.

Mushroom Jazz Dance Party

From a dear old friend, and the master of downtempo music, DJ Mark Farina. There's no better way to shake off the winter blues than a living room dance party. Paul is working on a project mixing down OG live tapes from back in the '90's called the Yin Yang Sessions. Stay tuned!

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