a love supreme

Time to let love reign supreme. Tend to your heart with some of our favorite things and share it with your beloved people.

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Flower Essence for the heart

Heal from grief and old wounds & let the love in your heart flow. All of her remedies are incredibly powerful.

loving kindness meditation

Open your heart with Jack Kornfield's loving kindness meditation.

Spring & mulberry chocolate

NC made! Amazing chocolate bars without refined sugar. Date sweetened and you'd never know!

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Simple Veg soup

A perfect alternative to chicken noodle soup to savor and share.

Book for the heart

112 Meditations of the Vijanana Bhairava Tantra. Dive deep into conscious awakening.

A Love Supreme

A jazz journey to the heart w/the incomparable John Coltrane.

daily tea ritual

Uji No Sato: Everyday Sencha done right.

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Lanshin massager

Infrared heat massager for neck, shoulders and whole body. Think of a hot stone massager in the palm of your hand. We're in love.

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