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30-Day Yoga Challenge Starts January 1st! Free registration is now live through the end of New Year’s Day! 

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Join Sommer and Paul Sobin in their virtual studio where you can access pre-recorded classes at your fingertips.

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Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for decades, our 30-Day Challenge classes are available to accommodate all levels. We have two tracks, one for brand new beginners and one for mixed levels (see video for more info). Sign up now using any link on this page for free access to the 30-Day challenge, as well as the full membership library with over 750 classes, through the end of January.

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New classes are uploaded every week, so you will continually have new material to challenge your mind and body. Quickly find the length, level or series class you want to take with our easy-to-use search tool.

*New Classes added daily for 30-Day Challenge

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Embark on your yoga journey with our introductory series that guides you through basic poses and alignment. Our beginner classes provide opportunities for relaxation, deep stretching and meditation and are perfect for all ages and body types.


Rooted in yoga philosophy and full of playful sequencing, these classes will help you improve bio-mechanical alignment, increase strength, and practice new poses and movements, including hand balances and backbends.


Challenge yourself with inversions, deep and powerful backbends, and advanced hand balancing postures to take your practice and spirit to the next level.

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Try a few of our classes to see what we’re all about.

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Mellow Yellow Yoga: Delicious Stretch

(Beginner) – 35 min

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Your Day Is About To Get A Whole Lot Better

(Mixed Level) – 33 min

Play Video

Yoga Elixir for All

(Intermediate) – 32 min


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  • Unlimited access to hundreds of Sobin Yoga videos including the 2023 30-Day Yoga Challenge
  • New classes added weekly
  • Meditation classes
  • Content for all levels — from beginner to advanced
  • Introductory series for new yogis including 30-Day Beginner’s Path
  • Instruction by certified teachers with more than 2 decades experience each
  • Classes ranging from 5-75 minutes
  • After January 31st there is a $25 monthly that renews automatically each month. Cancel Anytime.
  • To cancel your membership, be sure to Log In to the membership library, click your name, click ‘My Settings’, and under ‘Subscriptions’ click Cancel.

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The Sobin Family

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Sommer and Paul Sobin

Thousand Petals Yoga is co-founded by Sommer and Paul Sobin. For the past 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to the study of yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice. We are playful, lighthearted, and serious about waking up to the fullness of life. We are passionate about family, movement, playing music, creating community, healthy eating, and being of service. We have taught hundreds of teachers through our teacher training programs and thousands of students in our public classes, workshops and retreats. Our mission at Thousand Petals Yoga is simple: teach serious yoga classes with a playful spirit, deepen community bonds, and inspire all to awaken to the fullness of life—right here, right now.


Practice yoga and meditation from home to transform your mind and body

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Free 7-day trial

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New classes added weekly

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Hip-notic Hip Openers w/Sommer & Paul 12/30
11/25 Planks-giving Yoga w/Sommer & Paul: 10-11:30am In-person & Live Stream