advanced yoga practice

Wednesdays 5:45pm-7:15pm

Our most advanced class, with Paul practicing alongside students. Because of its pace and level, this class is not suitable for students with injuries. Students should be comfortable with kicking up to handstand at the wall alone and able to push up to full backbend. Challenging, fun, and playful. 1 hour 30 min.

chant and restore

Sundays 12:00-1:15

This Meditative Yoga class is for all levels. Through the Artistry of Sound Healing, Mantra, Reiki, Chant, Guided Meditation, and Restorative Yoga, this Practice is designed to realign your skeletal system, and balance your energy. Join Danielle in this lovely, uplifting, rejuvenating ritual every Friday and Sunday.

intermediate expansion

Saturdays 9am-10:30am & Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm

This class explores intermediate hand balancing postures, kicking up to inversions at the wall, a variety of back bends, yoga philosophy, meditation, and breath work. It is highly recommended that students have taken a Basics series or have been practicing another style of hatha yoga before entering this level. 1 hour 30 min.

gentle yoga

Tuesdays & Fridays 10:30am-11:45am

Gentle Yoga is taught as a Moving Meditation and welcomes every-body*. After a thorough warm-up (including simple ideas for home practice) we do poses gently and mindfully, being kind to hurt places and empowering ourselves to explore the inner world. Practicing yoga energizes, relaxes, and helps us access innate goodness and inner-wisdom; along the way we also get stronger, happier and more self-aware. *Students with joint replacement, injury or limited mobility are welcome (we have chairs), and may want to first contact teacher for a private session.

meditation for life: awakening to a sacred world

Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm

Join Dr. Brad Kershner in an ever-deepening inquiry into the nature of self, world, relationship, and awakening. This weekly class meets to explore the practice of meditation as a pathway to inner peace, deep understanding, embodied empathy, and existential purpose. Each gathering will offer an introductory discourse, guided meditation, and an opportunity for questions and dialogue. The topics, themes, and meditations will be drawn from various lineages and traditions, and will build over time. Now is always a good time to join this spiritual community.

sprout yoga series (ages 5-8)

mondays 4pm-4:45pm

Down dog, oh hey frog, did someone say firelog? Join Betsy for a playful yoga practice designed specifically for kids ages 5 to 8. Betsy creates a supportive environment where kids develop connection to self, others, and the natural world through thoughtful flows of poses inspired by nature. We’ll incorporate creatures of all kinds from fireflies, to eagles in the sky, to trees reaching toward the sun, and dolphins splashing just for fun.

*In order to keep the group focused this class is for kids only. Parents can enjoy free time!

teen yoga series (ages 13-16)

mondays 5pm-6pm

Teen yoga fuses asanas (yoga postures), breath work, yogic philosophy and meditation. The series empowers teens with practices to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, build self confidence and courage, develop focus, and deepen one’s capacity to rest into the present moment. Teen yoga offers guidance to help orient teens to holistic healthy living. 

vitality yoga


Designed for the active person seeking to stay healthy and strong. With a focus on building strength and bone density, improving balance and protecting joints, this class is appropriate for practitioners of all levels of experience, and all ages. This is a good class to learn the basics of yoga and prevent injury, as well as a way to deepen an established practice in a knowledge-driven way. 60 min.

yoga basics

Tuesdays with sommer @ 6pm & Thursdays with paul @ 7:30pm

Perfect for the student brand new to hatha yoga, for any yogi looking to refine their alignment, and for a therapeutic and slower approach to the practice. Students will learn to align the body from the ground up in all basic yoga postures, and will be introduced to yoga philosophy, meditation, and breath work. Classes build progressively from week to week offering students a unique way to grow in their practice. 1 hour 15 min.

yoga + functional movement

Sundays 4:30pm-5:45pm

A gentle class, focused on correcting common postural and muscular imbalances. A therapeutic approach to yoga combined with self care techniques, this class can be a complement to your activities of work, play, and exercise, as well as a stand-alone self-care practice. 1 hr 15 min.

Group Handstand during Yoga Class at Thousand Petals Yoga in Chapel Hill

yoga hour (60 min) & yoga hour + (75min)

check schedule for up to date classes

A well-balanced mix of postures, including standing poses to build strength, twists and backbends to keep your spine healthy, and seated poses to open the hips. Some yoga experience recommended. 

yoga nidra

Wednesdays @ 12pm-12:45pm

Yoga Nidra guided meditation is a simple guided practice taken in Savasana, designed to promote a sense of calm and well-being. Often referred to as yogic sleep, this practice can be deeply restorative in a short period of time. No prior meditation experience necessary, no special yoga clothes necessary. Come, connect, recharge.

youth yoga series (ages 9 -12)

wednesdays 4:15pm-5:15pm

Join Betsy for a playful, classical hatha yoga practice designed specifically for kids ages 9 to 12 of all genders. This class will support building lifelong mindfulness skills and set a foundation for a lifetime of practice. Betsy will guide the kids in activities to help mitigate anxiety, calm the mind, and build self confidence. Through imaginative postures and awareness of the breath, kids will learn how to cultivate compassion for self and others, explore the edge of their comfort zones, express themselves, and feel at home in their bodies.

mondays with sommer

Location: Sfeer Studio: 200 Britton Dr. Chapel Hill, NC

A well-balanced mix of postures including standing poses to build strength, twists and backbends to keep your spine healthy, and seated poses to open the hips. You’ll leave feeling focused, relaxed, strong, and loose. Sommer practices along with students in a beautiful, pastoral setting. Peacocks are roaming everywhere! 1 hour 30 min.  Not part of the Sobin Series. Drop in- $15, 5 class pass- $70, 10 class pass- $130. Cash or check only.