yoga hour (mixed levels)

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A well-balanced mix of postures, including standing poses to build strength, twists and backbends to keep your spine healthy, and seated poses to open the hips. Some yoga experience recommended. 1 hour

feel good yoga w/sommer

tuesdays 5-6pm

Slower paced, deep stretch class with intentional alignment. Get into all the hidden places and let the light shine through. All levels welcome. 1 hour

intermediate expansion

Wednesdays 5-6pm

This class explores intermediate hand balancing postures, kicking up to inversions at the wall, a variety of back bends, yoga philosophy, meditation, and breath work. It is highly recommended that students have taken a Basics series or have been practicing another style of hatha yoga before entering this level. 1 hourĀ 

yoga + functional movement

Sundays 4:30pm-5:30pm

A gentle class, focused on correcting common postural and muscular imbalances. A therapeutic approach to yoga combined with self care techniques, this class can be a complement to your activities of work, play, and exercise, as well as a stand-alone self-care practice. 1 hourĀ 

guided meditation

Tuesdays & Sundays 7:30-8:45pm

Join Dr. Brad Kershner in an ever-deepening inquiry into the nature of self, world, relationship, and awakening. This weekly class meets to explore the practice of meditation as a pathway to inner peace, deep understanding, embodied empathy, and existential purpose. Each gathering will offer an introductory discourse, guided meditation, and an opportunity for questions and dialogue. The topics, themes, and meditations will be drawn from various lineages and traditions, and will build over time. Now is always a good time to join this spiritual community.